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Q: Does a physical therapist stay with me through the entire treatment?

A: At Fairway Physical Therapy, we have a therapist stay with the patient throughout his or her treatment program. This ensures that the patient receives consistent care and constant re-evaluation, enabling proper acceleration of the healing process.

Q: Typically, how long will it take to get better?

A: This depends on the injury and diagnosis, however, standard treatment for non-surgical conditions is four to six weeks.

Q: What clothes do I need to bring for treatment?

A: You should bring comfortable workout attire including sneakers. The area being treated will need to be accessible to the therapist.

Q: What happens at the initial examination?

A: The initial consultation consists of a thorough review of the patient's medical history leading up to the injury. A comprehensive examination is performed and includes the assessment of posture, joint mechanics, range of motion, strength, muscle integrity and flexibility. Following the evaluation, we educate the patient about the injury and develop a treatment plan based on the goals of the patient and the therapist. A therapist will then work side by side with you during every step of your treatment process to ensure your goals are met and you are getting maximum benefit from the therapy process.

Q: How important are the home exercises?

A: Home exercises and patient education are key to a quick recovery. Consistant performance and repitition give you the opportunity to aid your own healing process. Throughout your treatment process your therapist will provide you with a home exercise program.

Q: Do you take patients on time?

A: We realize how busy all of our patients' lives are, so it is extremely important to be on time for your appointment to maximize the benefit of rehabilitation. All patients are seen on time for their appointments and we expect them to be ready for their session at the time of their scheduled appointment.

Q: Will insurance cover my therapy?

A: Physical therapy is covered by most insurance plans. Please see our insurance page for a list of insurances we accept. Each insurance plan has different physical therapy benefits. We will contact your insurance company and discuss your benefits with you at your first session. Please be aware that you may have a co-payment or a co-insurance responsibility with your insurance plan.

Q: How long will the therapy session take?

A: The initial evaluation will take about an hour. Each physical therapy session after that will range from 30 min. to one hour.

Q: I have had physical therapy before. How will this be any different?

A: At Fairway Physical Therapy North, we treat each patient with personalized one-on-one care. We focus on using a hands on approach to treatment and provide top quality care using state of the art treatment techniques that you may not find in other clinics.

If you have any questions or concerns not included on our FAQ page, by all means, send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to respond.