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I have had a very positive experience at Fairway Physical Therapy. Not only did my knee improve, I was also given many exercises to keep me going and pain free in the future.

I truly like Nicole and Becky and appreciate their concern along with their expertise. I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy services.

Kathy P.

I feel Fairway PT has deficiently been an excellent benefit to my health and me. It has helped me to become stronger and I have gained more motion after suffering from an accident. The staff at Fairway Physical Therapy has also been great in helping me to mentally deal with my disability better, and I find the therapist to be supportive and caring. I also find fairway to be extremely flexible. I work a job that I never know when I will get out of work, and the staff is extremely understanding and works me as soon as possible no matter if I am early or late.

Daryl B

Fairway Physical Therapy in Central Square has helped me recover from and injury. The experience has been warm, friendly and professional. I am amazed at the level of attention they show to all of the patients. I would recommend them very highly.

Gerald S

Over the past 3 years I have been going to therapy for a number of reasons, mostly because of damage I have done to myself over the years in the training and work that I did.  It has been very comforting knowing that the staff at Fairway would be there to get me back into shape as quick as possible. Their dedication to the patient as well as their knowledge in their field makes it possible for them to get you back to your lifestyle quickly. They listen to what your problems are and work to help each person get back the freedom they had before their injury. I cannot thank them enough for all the work they have done for me and the way they are so professional insures me that they have my best interest in mind.  I would tell any person that is going to need physical therapy to go to this team first, you will see results quick and be back to feeling better.

Richard B

I have been dealing with plantar facitis for several years now. I have had cortisone injections, orthotics and previous physical therapy treatments at other clinics, which were all unsuccessful at resolving my pain. I had given up hope at ever getting better when a friend told me I should try Fairway Physical Therapy. To my astonishment I was feeling better, and basically pain free in a month. The therapists at Fairway used a technique that I called “scraping” and a taping method that had me back to my recreational activities that I had given up hope at ever doing again. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the staff at fairway for helping me become pain free.

Sally P

I received excellent personalized care at Fairway Physical Therapy. Nicole and Becky clearly understood my injury and lifestyle; they designed my treatment plan and exercises accordingly. The “Kineseo Taping” was a big help in speeding up my recovery, and care was taken to eliminate it gradually as I progressed in my rehab process. Appointments are carefully scheduled so patients are given individual attention and not forgotten. Thank you.

Linda G