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Sports Physical Therapy

At Fairway Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to improving and enhancing function as it relates to your unique lifestyle.

We treat athletes of all ages from college to high school level to pediatric athletes, weekend warriors and non-athetes alike.

Whether you are competing for a championship or enjoying a round of golf, we can help you get back into the game of life.

Athletic injuries are very common to see in a physical therapy office. Many factors can contribute to athletic injuries including a lack of muscle coordination, decreased strength, muscle imbalance, and overuse or faulty mechanics.

To reach your maximum potential, conditioning / rehabilitation programs must include strengthening, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility and skill training.

We will develop a program specific to your sport and injury needs to ensure maximum recovery, reduce the risk of re-injury and increase your functional performance.

Athletic injuries, rehabilitation and performance have become one of our specialties. We have physical therapists and athletic trainers on staff whose knowledge and expertise are available to help you get back into the game.